Accueil / The equipments of B-Pharma Laboratoires in Chambéry

The equipments of B-Pharma Laboratoires in Chambéry

A complete equipment to your products in dry form (powder)

Powder mixer

A powder mixer

A high speed mixer with automatic powder transfer, capacity 150 liters.




Two encapsulation machines offering a total capacity of 80 000 capsules/hour

A full automatic encapsulation maching using dosing technology, capacity 40 000  capsules/hour.

We offer both filling technologies and are able to.



Blister packing

A high speed blister machine

A blister machine working with many formats of hard and soft capsules, capacity 1700 blister/hour.



Packaging and labelling

A full packing line

An automatic packing line, high speed double-head counting machine to pack and stick 2 000 bottles/hour.



Sachets Packing

Sachets packing

Sachets packing up to 30 000 sachets/day.